Inventory Management
Software for Oil and Gas

Control inventory levels in real-time.

Eliminate manual administration and data entry.

Centralize inventory control of data across facilities.

Archivist Online

School Management Software

Covering all the aspects of educational
business, including administrative
academic and accounting activities.

Are you looking for a solution to take your retail business to an altogether new level? Its now time to take control of your future by incorporating Intellibiz in your operations and ensuring a profitable future.

Are you looking for a complete school management software to increase your profits many folds. Archivist is your ultimate choice.

Increase your productivity, efficiency and reduce errors with SKOLMS. We know that you cannot put anything in your warehouse business at risk. SKOLMS ensures that for you.

Stand out from the crowd and take a lead in your roofing business by incorporating Mantic Software Roofing product in your operations.


Why to stay behind when your business can be the mainstream itself. Get Mantic Social and increase your visibility on all platforms of social and electronic media. Its time for you to get the boast.

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Mantic Software builds itself on the grounds of passion for technology and technological products. We aim at facilitating the operations of your business by building innovative, effective and highly technological products. We are always looking to push challenging conventions and creative boundaries. We automate your processes and help your company better meet the business objectives.

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