So far the business world has utilised electronic marketing tools  in the best possible way. Mantic Social can not just play but win the electronic marketing game for you. The smartly designed softwares will give you access to your audience, and will bring you the productive outputs, aiding you to not just survive but thrive. Mantic Social gives you

Email Marketing Solution

Searching for a better way to send emails, look no further.

Regardless of the type of business you run, email marketing will give you a cost effective way to communicate with your existing and potential customers. Now distribute newsletters, updates, videos, pictures, messages and more with Mantic Social

What Mantic Social can do for you

  • Give you an easy-to-handle platform where you can prepare email blasts to send to your consumer database
  • Provide you with interactive features that allow you to utilize valuable information such as, birthdays and events, so that you can establish a personal relationship with your customers
  • Devise simple ways to advertise new promotions and events to your customers
  • Give you access to your own personal Social Media Guru that will give you expert advice and answer any questions you may have

Social Media Marketing solution

Gone are the days when Companies used to collect feedback from posts and surveys, as today we stand in the era of Social Media. Through this remarkable creation of mankind, Companies interact with their customers and make them involved in a conversation, attracting, engaging, retaining and satisfying them simultaneously. Mantic Social can do all this for you and much more, like:

  • Strategy and Planning – We analyze your goals and objectives in order to craft a social media marketing strategy that engages your core audience in the most effective manner.
  • Building your social media presence in the “BIG Four” – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. By using the “BIG Four,” your company will have direct interaction with your consumer, promote events and discounts, hence increasing customer engaging and value. You will also have access to your own Social Media Guru to keep you updated with monthly reports and answer any questions you have.

Facebook Easy Post Creation

Do you wish to build a personal connection with you customer? An SMS to your client informing him about the latest arrivals, updates, discounts, events and offering can induce the feeling of privilege in the client because he is being personally connected with your company. The direct and obvious outcome of this would be customer loyalty and increased profits. What you must do is to find the best and easiest way to accomplish this, and this is where Mantic Social comes in. We make Mobile Marketing and easy get for you by offering:

  • A strategic way to help you gather customer cell phone numbers and increase your database.
  • An account on our website that allows you to login 24/7 and send as many text messages as you need to your customer database.
  • You will be provided with your OWN database in our system so that you can reuse it as many times as you need to.
  • State of the art technology that allows you to schedule text messages to be sent at specific times so that they’re automatically sent.
  • An accurate measure of the ROI
  • Access to your own personal Social Media Guru that will give you expert advice and answer any questions you may have